Phish Food Flavour Launch

☼ This project features award winning creative work.

For the Canadian launch of the highly sought-after Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Flavour (named Phish, after the American rock band and featuring chocolate fish shapes), we created a print and digital campaign. First, we created an award-winning teaser poster, followed-up with a treasure-hunt styled card game named, #GoPhish and kept the fishies swimming after the launch with a series of highly-watched Vine videos (you know, when Vine was a thing) considered to be a Canadian corporations first exposure on the platform at the time.



Leveraging the classic Go Fish card game, we created our digital take on it – Go Phish. Followers of B&J’s Canadian Facebook page followers were tasked with finding GoPhish game posts (cards) within its Facebook Timeline.


Vine Videos

We built our own ‘Vine Studios’ and created original content for the launch. We were pioneers as one of the first Canadian businesses to use Vine in an ad campaign.